Why should I care about Health Promotion for Staff in schools?

photoHealth promotion for staff means opportunities for school staff to improve their health status through activities such as health assessments, health education, and health-related fitness activities. These opportunities encourage school staff to pursue a healthy lifestyle that contributes to their improved health status, improved morale, and a greater personal commitment to the school's overall coordinated health program. This personal commitment often transfers into greater commitment to the health of students and creates positive role modeling. Health promotion activities have improved productivity, decreased absenteeism, and reduced health insurance costs.

What are Rhode Island's state requirements for Health Promotion for Staff in schools?

District Health & Wellness Subcommittee

According to RIGL §16-21-28, every school district is required to have a District Health & Wellness Subcommittee. That Subcommittee is charged with making recommendations to the full school committee on health education curriculum and instruction, as well as on physical education, nutrition, and physical activity (See also RIGL § 16-2-9(a)(24) and (a)(25)). According to 16-7.1-2(h), strategies to improve the health and wellbeing of students and staff involving these four issues should also be incorporated into the district’s strategic plan. (See also Section 2 of Rules and Regulations for School Health Programs. Also see the District Health and Wellness Subcommittee page for more information and resources).


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What are some of the best practices for schools around Health Promotion for Staff?

Four Key Principles for School Employee Wellness Programs

(1) Integrate into the coordinated school health program

(2) Tailor to the health needs of the participants

(3) Start small and build a foundation

(4) Gather support from a cross section of the school community


Nine Steps for Establishing a School Employee Wellness Program

Step 1: Obtain administrative support
Step 2: Identify resources
Step 3: Identify a leader
Step 4: Organize a committee
Step 5: Gather and analyze data
Step 6: Develop a plan
Step 7: Implement the plan
Step 8: Evaluate and adapt the program
Step 9: Sustain the program

From: Protecting Our Assets: A School Employee Wellness Guide. 2007. Directors of Health Promotion and Education (DHPE)


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What data are available about Health Promotion for Staff in Rhode Island schools?


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I'm a teacher or school administrator... What resources or tools for schools are available on Health Promotion for Staff?

Protecting Our Assets: A School Employee Wellness Guide 
Published by the Directors of Health Promotion and Education (DHPE), the guide is designed to help schools, districts, and states develop and support comprehensive school employee wellness programs that promote health and prevent employee health risk behaviors. The guide applies the eight-component coordinated approach to school health, addresses school worksite conditions that can compromise school employee health, reduce productivity, contribute to escalating health care costs, and impede student success. It is based on an extensive literature review as well as interviews with school and district administrators and staff who are implementing school employee wellness programs, insurance providers, and state agency staff members who provide technical assistance and training to schools and districts.  The Johnston, RI school district served as one of five test pilot sites.

YMCA Healthy Lifestyles Program

The YMCA Healthy Lifestyles program is designed by Stanford University Prevention Research Center and based on behavioral science to help you make a positive lifestyle change in your life.
This 10 month program meets twice a month for 75 minutes in a group setting with other members who are also trying to achieve a lifestyle change goal.

Wellsource, Inc.
This company provides health risk assessments and other tools, as well as ideas and resources for health promotion for worksites.

Partnership for Prevention
This organization provides several resources, tools and guides for employers can use to create a healthier workplace.

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Whom do I contact for more information?

Rosemary Reilly-Chammat, Ed.D.
Program Manager, Initiative for Healthy Youth
Rhode Island Department of Health


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