Health Services

school nurse photoHealth Services are services provided for students to assess, protect, and promote health. Research shows that children learn better and experience school success more readily if their health needs are addressed. Comprehensive, high quality health services on-site at the school or through an effective referral system to the community leads to student achievement, improved test scores, increased attendance, and engagement in learning.

Health Services Professionals

Qualified professionals such as physicians, nurses, dentists, health educators, and other allied health personnel provide these health services to:.

  • ensure access or referral to primary health care services or both,
  • foster appropriate use of primary health care services,
  • prevent and control communicable disease and other health problems,
  • provide emergency care for illness or injury,
  • promote and provide optimum sanitary conditions for a safe school facility and school environment, and
  • provide educational and counseling opportunities for promoting and maintaining individual, family, and community health.

    Health Services Requirements

    The health services that are provided in RI schools are guided by the RI Rules and Regulations for School Health Programs. To review some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the rules and regulations, click here. These regulations apply to both public and non-public schools. Required services include screenings, records review, acute care, chronic disease management, and health risk prevention. Student health and dental cards with instructions are available at the following links:
           Student Health & Dental Cards       • Fillable form Student Health Card      
         • RI School Dental Screening Form (English) (Spanish)
    For additional information and for RI school nurse teacher access to the online reporting form, see Oral Health Information for Teachers & Schools.

    For additional information contact:

    Midge Sabatini, Ed.D.                             Patricia Raymond, R.N., M.P.H.

    RI Department of Education                    RI Department of Health

    401-222-8952                                          401-222-5921