Policy, Guidance, Legislation & Regulations

statehouseLaws and regulations affect the health and safety of students and school personnel, learning environments, and other aspects of the school community. There are numerous state and federal laws that determine policies, practices, protocols, funding, and other systemic approaches to Rhode Island’s public and non-public schools. Regulations have the power of law through the statutory authority granted under specific statutes. Regulations clarify the intent of a law and define implementation practices. 

Rules and Regulations for School Health Programs

School health education, health services, and school environment are guided by the Rules and Regulations for School Health Programs. These regulations apply to all public and non-public schools. These regulations are jointly promulgated by the Departments of Education and Health, and are periodically updated to align with new statutes, best practices, and emerging issues.

Policy Guidance for Rhode Island Schools

In order to help implement state legislation and school health rules and regulations, the following model policies and/or policy guidance documents have been developed, by the Rhode Island Department of Education in partnership with the Department of Health or other partners.

      •  A Guide to Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse in the Schools
      • Guidance for Implementation of CPR Training Law (2013)
      •  Guide to Preventing Bullying, Teen Dating Violence and Sexual Violence
      •  Policy Statement Prohibiting Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation     
      •  RI Model Tobacco-Free Schools Policy Language
      •  RI Nutrition Guidelines for School Vending & A La Carte Foods  
      •  RI Peanut Allergy Law Guidance Documents
      •  RI Policy Guidelines Relating to HIV/Hepatitis
      •  RI Regulations Governing the Education of Children with Disabilities
      •  RI School District Nutrition & Physical Activity Model Policy Language
      •  RI State Fire Marshall Policy Statement Re: Hand Sanitizers   

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